A Step Beyond Entertainment

Welcome to VMERSION – Calgary’s newest Virtual Reality Entertainment Centre.

Our goal is to provide Calgarians with an unparalleled VR experience showcasing the best in European & North American Virtual Reality and Gaming Technology. We offer a wide variety of Virtual Reality experiences suitable for ages 10+.

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Hardware & Technology

VR Gaming & Experiences

Our VR booths provide our guests with a fully-wireless VR experience allowing them to access our full library of Games, Experiences and Adventures.

We also offer a number of multi-player experiences allowing you the ability to play and share experiences with your friends in real-time. Just try not to puke.

Full Motion Racing

Are you ready to race? Our full motion 6DOF racing simulators from Europe allows you the ability to race exotic sports cars, classic cars, 4×4 trucks, rally and drift vehicles and more!

Feel real G’s and experience every bump, twist, turn, slide and crash at varying levels of realism creating the ultimate racing experience.

You can even race your friends head-to-head and see who is the ultimate racer! Oh and don’t worry if you crash – we have great insurance.

Full Motion Flight

Have you ever dreamed of flying but was too afraid to try? Are their places in the world you have always wanted to visit but haven’t been able to? If so then VMERSION has got you covered.

Come down and try out our full motion 6DOF real-time flight simulator and feel yourself taking off, flying and landing virtually anywhere in the world all while enjoying the breathtaking scenery along the way.

Visit world famous landmarks and cities, take on epic landing challenges or fly a plane through a hurricane – all without the security checks!

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